miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

Summer love

Just like a palm tree
The wind blows thru me
And like the bee sting
Your love gets in me and i think
That nobody can whisper in my ear
The way you do it girl, and i hear
How much you care about me
And how your heart beats right beside me
You know i know that not a thing in the world
Can break us apart and you ain't putting me on hold
Indifferent to all the bad things that i've done
You still love me girl, the way a bullet loves the gun.

Your eyes are like two diamond rings
And when you look at me, i think
That i'm in heaven or in paradise
And the sun is looking in my eyes.
The sweetness of your shining lips
Since i've kissed them they're hunting my dreams
I can't wait for the next day to hold you tight
You know i'm nuts and you know i might
Come in your room and steal you tonight
So that we can run away in the world
And with our love we'll turn things into gold
You know i'm full of heat and no cold.

You know I love the way you look at me
After a night full of love, you can't disagree
That all the blood running thru my body
Has your beautiful name on it.
I will remember all my life
When on the beach we kissed for the first time
I ain't gotta' tell you how i feel
When i'm thinking that all this can disapear
Just like the sparkle of a light
Comes a day when we must go on our seperate life's
Oh, I forgot to mention y'all a thing
We met in summer vacation and she must go back in
Her town and just like a blink
All disappear like dust in the wind.

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