duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010


Just like the butterflies
My love flyes away
Now look into my eyes
And you'll see a lost way
I'm nothing without you're lips
One more time i want you're kiss
I want you by my side
And you're love to hold me tight
You know i know it's over
We went our separate ways
More than ever i need you closer
To show me the right way
Just like a falling star
All it's over know you're far.

I thought my heart will heal
I thought i will forget
But God has a different mean
My mind keeps going back
I'm looking at our pictures
A tear drop falls from my eye
I want to show my strenghtness
But i know it's a lie
Every time i see a star
Your face appears in front of me
Remember when we were in the car
And i told you that that will be
Our always shining star
That moment it's not so far.

Nu stiu cat de corect din punct de vedere gramatical e, dar daca observati greseli sa-mi spuneti:D....Hope you'll enjoy it.

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